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Heather Brown, Treasurer | P.O. Box 120516 | New Brighton, MN 55112

Provide Stable Funding for Schools

We support the “Done for the Decade” levy request because it will provide reliable funding for our schools, teachers and students in the years to come.

District voters approved operating levies in 2003 for about $7 million and 2006 for about $14 million. As these two expired, residents approved no-tax-increase renewals in 2010 and 2013.


This year one of the levies is expiring. Without the revenue it provides, schools will lose $7 million every year. This is much-needed funding that helps keep class sizes in range and maintains comprehensive student programs.

It’s been 13 years since voters have been asked to approve a levy increase. If successful, the new levy will renew the existing two levies and provide an additional $12 million annually. The increase represents a monthly tax of about $28 for owners of a median-valued home in the District. 


Inflation continues to rise, student needs around mental health continue to grow, and unfunded mandates from the state have put additional strain on the budget. For Special Education services alone, the District spent $7 million more than it received 

from the state last year. As such, the District’s fund balance has dropped below the low end of recommended ranges and we would like to see that trend reversed. 

We are thankful to our community for supporting Mounds View Public Schools through the years. In 2017 voters approved a bond request to add much needed space to school facilities. By law, this money can’t be used for operating expenses to hire teachers or fund programs, only levies can. 


We believe that the “Done for a Decade” levy will not only provide long-term, stable funding for our schools, but also reduce the voter fatigue that comes with asking residents to return to the polls again and again to renew existing funding that eventually expires. 


Vote YES to provide stable funding for our schools for the next decade.