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Heather Brown, Treasurer | P.O. Box 120516 | New Brighton, MN 55112

Need for Space

We simply need more space -- at all schools -- for today and the future

“What happens when we completely run out of room? If we don’t take action to fund more building space, it will become increasingly difficult for the District to maintain target class sizes.”

-  Diane Glasheen, New Brighton resident, Parent of Bel Air Elementary and Highview Middle School students

Did you know that most of our District’s school buildings are already occupied beyond 100 percent capacity? The District currently enrolls more than 11,000 students – the highest level in 15 years –  and 1,600 additional resident students are projected to enroll in our schools in the next seven years. Growth is anticipated throughout the District even as open enrollment remains closed to new non-resident students.

  • Vote YES to help relieve overcrowding and keep students out of temporary space solutions like portables or trailers.