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Heather Brown, Treasurer | P.O. Box 120516 | New Brighton, MN 55112

Vote YES on or before Nov. 5!

As Neighbors United, we wholeheartedly support the School Board's decision to pursue a levy request this Election Day. We believe that Voting YES in support of Mounds View Public Schools is the best investment we can make in our students, schools and community.

Why are we coming together in support of the 2019 “Done for a Decade” levy request?  Watch this video from Mounds View Public Schools to learn more:

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Vote YES to hold class sizes stable.

Vote YES to keep existing student programs in place and enhance the Career Pathways program that prepares students for high-demand, high-wage careers.


Vote YES to strengthen social, emotional and mental health resources for our students.

Vote YES for the “Done for a Decade” levy request to provide long-term, stable funding for our schools.

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